Myths vs Facts About Acne | Cosmetology

Myths vs Facts About Acne

Common myths about acne It is estimated that 80 per cent of all people will have an acne breakout at some point in their lives. Like many ailments that plague so many people, myths have developed over the years about what causes acne and the best way to treat it. Myth: Only teenagers get acne. […]

Hair Color Specialist Job Description, Duties And Requirements | Cosmetology

Hair Color Specialist

Hair colour specialist career profile From subtle changes that enhance natural shades or cover the first hints of grey, to dramatic statements or wild punk streaks, a hair colour specialist gives their clients the confidence of great colour. Hair colouring is a complex and skilled job requiring creativity and knowledge and may offer more creative […]

What Is An Aesthetician? | Cosmetology


Overview of an aesthetician? Medical aestheticians, also known as clinical or paramedical aestheticians, are skincare specialists with more of a clinical focus. They work with cancer patients, burn victims, and others with health-related issues. They treat and maintain facial skin that has been damaged because of fire, surgery, chemotherapy treatments and other incidents. Medical aestheticians […]

Cosmetologist Scope and Career Opportunities | Cosmetology


Overview of cosmetologist A cosmetologist is an expert in makeup, skincare and beauty products. The field of cosmetology includes various occupations like hairstylist and hairdresser, beautician, skincare specialist, aesthetician, nail technician, etc. What does a cosmetologist do? Cosmetologists may do several different types of jobs. Here are some of the most common disciplines in cosmetology, […]

What You Should Know About Cholesterol Nutrition Functions | Nutrition

Cholesterol Nutrition Functions

New insights into cholesterol functions Cholesterol is a sterol synthesized by animal cells and is also a component of the diet, being present in food of animal origin. Its main function is to maintain the integrity and fluidity of cell membranes and to serve as a precursor for the synthesis of substances that are vital […]

What is the Procedure of Dermoscopy & Complications | Cosmetology


What is dermoscopy? Dermoscopy or dermatoscopy mentions to the examination of the skin by microscopy of the superficial of the skin and is also called “epiluminoscopy” and “epiluminescent microscopy”. Dermatoscopy is used primarily to evaluate pigmented skin lesions. Inexperienced hands, it can facilitate the diagnosis of melanoma. Dermoscopy requires a high-quality magnifying lens and a […]