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Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Certified fitness nutrition specialist

The Certified fitness nutrition specialist is a healthcare professional working in the health and fitness field. IGMPI offers the opportunity to become a Certified fitness nutrition specialist for those who understand that people are more conscious and concerned about their health, which is why they are looking for a fitness trainer or personal trainer. This professional usually works in: gymnasiums, clinics, medical offices, and sports academies. The fitness nutrition specialist helps clients (i.e. gym fanatics, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, or athletes) improve their exercise routine and body composition.

This credibility indicates that you have developed knowledge and experience in this field. This certification aims to improve the conceptual knowledge of the participants towards nutrition. Successful performance indicates that participants in this test have deep knowledge and a clear understanding of nutritional problems and health needs. As a Certified fitness nutrition specialist, you can promote fitness and health by talking to coaches at the gym, sports clubs about bodybuilding, health, and fitness.

Certified study resources:

  • Introduction to basic nutrition for sports, exercise, and health.
  • The basics of dietary supplements
  • Introduction to workload and intensity
  • Nutrition before and after training
  • Loss of diet plan to lose or gain weight
  • Yoga, aerobics, and exercise techniques
  • Science The principle of food science
  • Nutritional biochemistry
  • Food allergy management and injury prevention
  • Introduction to protein, its appendages, and protein-related myths


Candidates applying for the final year of graduation and the bachelor/science equivalent qualification exam or awaiting their results are also eligible to apply.


The registration dates for this certification carried out by the Institute will be updated from time to time on the website. Effective e-learning tools built into the curriculum make verification lectures, videos, and study materials easily accessible. This gives participants a large window of self-regulating and self-dynamic performance. Once the Institute has verified the enrollment, the required study resources and assessment tests will be sent to the participants. The study resources are adequate for the preparation of the certification test. However, the participants do not hesitate to use other study resources as well. The notification will be notified 2 months after registration.

Certification and membership fee

Rs. 18,500 / – for Indian citizens and 600 USD for foreign professionals and this applies to the certification registration fee and the exam fee. An additional membership fee of Rs. 4500 / – (USD 125 abroad) for training in the preparation of Certified Study Resources and Certification Exams.

Assessment and certification

All participants will attend an online evaluation. After successfully qualifying for the test, participants will be certified as certified physical nutritionists by IGMPI. The Institute periodically provides evaluation papers and case studies for all of the extensive study resources listed above. Details will also be updated on the website. Certification is awarded after assessing the required level of knowledge, skills, professionalism, and attitude through the IGMPI Assessment Process.


If the participant does not pass the certification test on the first exam attempt/notification, they must re-register for the next scheduled exam by submitting the re-registration form along with the re-registration fee. 1500 / – (50 USD). However, participants will be given adequate flexibility to schedule their first certification test.

Project- work

All participants must complete project work on a given healthcare product. Verification will be given once the project work is completed. The Institute will provide the format and other relevant details before the exam.

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