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Sunken Cheeks

Overview of sunken cheeks

Sunken cheeks appear when you don’t have a lot of tissue (flesh) between the zygoma (the bony arch of your cheek under your eye) and the lower jaw (the lower jawbone). Both women and men can have it.

Sunken cheeks are often attributed to aging, which leads to a loss of facial fat. Thin cheeks can also be a result of other factors, including:

  • Illness
  • Diet
  • Personal habits
  • Environment

Causes of sunken cheeks

As people age, the body produces less collagen. Collagen gives elasticity and freshness to the skin. When the skin does not contain enough collagen, it begins to sag, wrinkle, and dull. The body also stops producing the same amount of subcutaneous fat, which is the subcutaneous fat that makes cheeks plump, and it may also stop supporting the muscle structure that contributes to rounder, less bony facial features.

Moreover, the fat pads on the cheeks begin to fall out over time due to gravity, leaving behind, quite literally, sagging skin and bones. The more pronounced nasolabial folds, which deepen as you age, will also contribute to a hollow appearance.

Besides aging, there are many other reasons why a person might develop hollow cheeks. Poor diet or lack of eating can cause significant fat loss resulting in a gummy appearance, while smoking and poor skin health can cause blood vessels to stop delivering essential nutrients to facial skin. Certain illnesses or diseases especially those that cause rapid weight loss, such as anorexia can affect cheek fat and lead to a hollow, sunken appearance.


There are many cosmetic procedures available that can successfully treat sunken cheeks. Cosmetic practitioners are finding more advanced treatment procedures to treat sunken cheeks more effectively.

Some of the most popular procedures that are widely used by people to treat facial sinking are:

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used to plump up sunken cheeks, remove wrinkles and lines, reduce scars, and rejuvenate the entire face. Dermatologists have used fillers for many years to solve aging problems, treat volume injections, and other facial problems. These are very effective in nature and are applied in an injectable form into the dermal layer of our skin.

Dermal fillers are made of various materials including synthetic materials, natural materials, and synthetic materials. One of the vital substances in fillers is the synthetic form of hyaluronic acid found in the human body.

Dermal fillers are available in different thicknesses and depending on the thickness of the filler, they are injected into the skin respectively. The thicker the filler is, the deeper it will be injected into the skin to more effectively inflate skin. Dermal fillers can likewise be ordered dependent on the length of the outcome. Some dermal fillers provide permanent or long-term results and some provide non-permanent results. Depending on your specific requirements, you can get any dermal filler to treat your sunken face with success.

If you are not sure about the cost of cheek filler treatment, you do not need to worry too much, as technological advances and the emergence of many cosmetic centers have made this procedure affordable for everyone.

Fat transfer or microlipoinjection

Fat transfer or micro-fat injection is another very popular method that is obtained by many people to treat sunken cheeks. Fat transplantation is nothing but harvesting fats from one part of your body to another part of your body. It could be your cheeks, neck, lips, hands, and more. The fat used in the operation is mainly collected from the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen using liposuction. Then the fat is placed in the required area in an injection form to treat sunken cheeks or other aging problems.

The duration of the fat transfer result will last depending on various factors such as the skill of the surgeon, the treated area, and the behavior of the patient after the treatment. When it comes to side effects, there are few side effects associated with fat transplantation such as swelling, bruising, slight pain in the treated area, discoloration of the skin, scar, etc. that can occur temporarily. However, with better treatment, you can successfully avoid these side effects.

When it comes to the cost of a micro-fat injection or fat implantation, it is definitely much higher than the cost of a dermal filler procedure. However, the treatment result is also more effective than dermal fillers. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting result, you can take this treatment for your sunken cheeks.


Although sunken cheeks are often a sign of normal aging, it may be the result of other factors, including:

  • Diseases, such as vascular EDS, lipodystrophy, and tuberculosis.
  • Malnutrition or dehydration.
  • Lifestyles, such as heavy tobacco use or vigorous exercise.

Sunken cheeks can be treated by a plastic surgeon with fillers. There are also home remedies that may be effective, such as taking aloe vera gel and doing facial exercises.

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